Vinkle MOD APK 3.6.0 (Premium Unlocked) For Android


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Vinkle MOD APK 3.6.0 (Premium Unlocked) For Android

Vinkle MOD APK 3.6.0 –  is a video creation tool from many photos with music dubbing and magic effects. A normal photo is now more vibrant than ever.


Vinkle: Create a beautiful and cool video with your photos

Want to turn your daily selfies into a video?
Vinkle is an Android video editing app that lets you create videos from photos, then add music and hundreds of effects. After a few minutes of editing, the result is a surprisingly beautiful music video. Of course you can share it on Instagram, Facebook … as fast as the wind.

So, with a few simple steps, you will have a unique and wonderful video with simple photos of yourself that you can post on social media. Let’s take a look at the key features of Vinkle.

Automatic filter and transition
Once you’ve downloaded Vinkle to your device, you’ll continue to upload a set of your photos to the app. Don’t worry if you haven’t, because Vinkle has Auto Filtering feature, just import and use photos, you don’t need to do anything else.


The next important thing is to choose Connect and transition for photos. Photos are static in nature, so you will need a number of transition effects from one photo to another to create an animated video. In general, the application has thousands of effects for you. What matters is the style of each person and the message you want to convey. Just be creative and suit your taste, then you will find the effect that suits you best.

Gorgeous visuals for video
These are overlay effects for the entire video video image after the connection is completed. More than 1000 effects are available in this effect collection. You can let you walk through the starry sky or snow. You can also turn a bright sky into a night or apply beautiful tints to your entire video. Just touch the effect you want, and your whole video will be dressed in a new outfit.

The effects available on Vinkle will be divided by themes such as festival, season, hue and different movie themes. One option, you can easily preview your video when effects are applied, then select it or not, just tap OK or Cancel to finish. And these effect sets or templates are added daily from the developer and the Vinkle community. So join the community (you must be a Premium member) and you will immerse yourself in the world of amazing colors.

Blur the background of the photo
Of course, we don’t always have dream pictures with a beautiful artistic background. That’s why it’s so important to blur the background with a photo video app like Vinkle.

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This feature in Vinkle is quite powerful in my opinion. And most importantly, everything is done automatically, there is no need to manipulate complexes or combine many details. To separate the background, simply select the image and then select the function button. Done!

After blurring the background, you need to choose a new background. Vinkle also has various backgrounds that correspond to the themes in the Effect video gallery I mentioned above. You just have to choose, everything is in Vinkle’s hands.

Choose music and sound for the video
In the final stage, choose the background music and sound effects for the video. Do you think this is to choose a song from start to finish? But Vinkle is much smarter and more meticulous than that.


With Vinkle’s background music features, you can do a wide variety of things you would only expect proprietary cinema software to do, such as:

  • Choose a music track from the 500+ song collections available on Vinkle to add to your video.
  • Choosing the sound as noise makes transitions more lively and special.
  • Adjusts the volume by reducing the soundtrack of the video. You can start the video with low music and increase the volume gradually, and then slowly increase at the end of the video. This is a premium feature for mobile video production apps I rarely see.
  • Or you can choose from many different tracks and use Vinkle’s built-in music link effects to copy your videos. This feature is not possible with any video maker, especially with small apps like Vinkle.

Finally, the video export stage
To make videos no matter how short, you have to go through many steps from choosing the file format, size and specs on your PC. A lot of effort and memory. But in Vinkle, after creating a video from the image, you just have to hit export and choose where to export the file. So much.

You can save the video to your phone / tablet or export it faster and broadcast on networks immediately on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Download : Vinkle

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