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Walk Master

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Walk Master MOD APK 1.40 (Unlimited Coins ) Free Download

Introduce about Walk Master

Stilts is a popular game popular in many countries. With the current development, feet are not only used for special occasions of a particular nation, but have become a popular game for everyone to experience. Inspired by this popular game, the producers Two Men and a Dog released an interesting simulation game called Walk Master. You have the task of controlling the character that moves on the stands. Take part in the most difficult missions and conquer.

How to play

Walk Master
Walk Master

The Styles title wasn’t much, so when Walk Master was released, the game received a lot of attention due to its unique content and addictive gameplay. The players will control the character in the game by moving towards the goal at the end of the path, while constantly walking on high feet. The roads in Walk Master are not straight, they are designed with many obstacles, traps and monsters.

Moreover, this game requires very high precision. To win, you need to have good timing and actions as you get the character to the finish line before it’s too late. The windmill rotor is very dangerous. They just keep spinning for 2 seconds after every four hits and they stop. Choose a suitable moment for the character to stand out and overcome. Sometimes players aren’t just looking for ways to overcome obstacles, they even have to organize or combine them to cross and reach the finish line.

Overall, while stilts are a simple tool, mastering them requires players to be very skilled and good at balancing. With a little slip, you can fall off and start over. Walk Master’s gameplay is very accessible, but you have to spend a lot of time practicing to master all levels.


Walk Master
Walk Master

There are two game modes players can choose from, including Marathon where the character has to go far to score. Of course you have to run as far as possible because the road towards the end of the forest looks endless. The farther you go into the forest, the more obstacles and dangers there will be! Be careful if you do not want to have a suspicious accident.

Finally, Quick Run mode where players have to run fast to avoid obstacles on their backs as they can crash at any moment. Walk Master offers players hundreds of challenges with new obstacles and traps. Players will not know ahead of time what awaits them in the future.


The Two Men and a Dog editor also adds a number of interesting characters to make your journey more useful. They have a very unique look and a little bit of humor. Instead of a goat, you can play the role of Doraemon, a pink pig wearing a grinder hat, zombie, or ferret.
In the current version, the game has more than 29 characters spread across levels for players to collect. Do not miss!


Walk Master
Walk Master

Each level of Walk Master is new, unique but also very challenging. It did well at the early levels, but from level 90 it started to be repeatable. This game covers over 500 levels, so it’s easy for gamers to get discouraged and wonder when I can complete Walk Master. In addition, the advertisement appears. On average, in both games, a player spent about a minute waiting for sticky ads. You can fix this problem by disconnecting from the internet.

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Instead of designing 3D graphics like most games today, Walk Master has cartoon-style 2D graphics. Animal friends make this trip more interesting than ever. The developers also pay great attention to the characters, they are designed to be both unique and not less funny, with very funny expressions. You will play a crazy goat, mischievous monkeys, confused bears and even a deformed looking alien and more. The fun sounds interspersed with the sounds of the animals are a bonus to add a sense of comfort to the players.

MOD feature

Unlimited Money – With this MOD feature, you can enrich the collection of unique skins for your character without having to watch ads to earn more money.

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