War Robots MOD APK 6.9.7 (Unlimited Rockets) Free Download

War Robots MOD APK

War Robots MOD APK 6.9.7 (Unlimited Rockets) Free Download

Introduce about War Robots

War Robots is one of the most attractive robot-themed MOBA action games on Android. It was first released by Pixonic in 2014. After 6 years of development, the game has achieved many successes that many games cannot achieve.

War Robots currently has over 50 million installed. It has been optimized for PvP features to provide a better experience for players.

How to play

War Robots is where fierce battles take place between destructive robots. When a battle begins, the player is sent to the battlefield with five other teammates. Depending on the game mode, this goal also changes gradually. It can be scoring or a struggle for survival until the forces on both sides are fully regenerated.
Personally, I’d rather fight a survival style. While there was no way to fix the error, War Robots showed me how brutal the battlefield really is.


Robots are an important part of War Robots. They are war machines that protect you and defeat other evil enemies.

War Robots
War Robots

There are two types of robots, common and epic. All players target the second type because of their superior combat abilities and special ability systems that give them an advantage on the battlefield.

Stalker and Loki are two examples. They can become invisible for a while and deactivate the enemy before attacking. Some other robots have the ability to increase damage or move faster.

In addition, the robot parts can also be replaced and upgraded. If your financial situation is good enough, you should do these.


Robots and weapons are two separate components. By default, the system is lightweight and not of great value on the battlefield, although it has built-in weapons for the robot.

As time goes on, you will face more and more difficulties. The opponent fights wisely while possessing a variety of deadly destruction weapons. If you don’t want to be a loser, you need to restore your robot’s weapon as well.

Currently, War Robots have three types of weapons: light, medium and heavy. Of course, everyone’s abilities are different. A lower tier weapon may be lighter, but has less damage compared to a higher tier weapon.

Also, as your robot grows, it will unlock a place to mount weapons. You can ride up to four pieces, and this allows you to constantly attack enemies on the battlefield rather than waiting for a reload.

Maps and tactics

There are 12 types of maps. Each one has a separate structured design. Therefore, it is very convenient for your team to create tactics to fight more effectively.

War Robots
War Robots

Springfield is represented as a large map, but its topographical structure is divided by a river and connected by a bridge. On one side are fields, scattered trees, and obstacles. The other side is the opposite when there are too many studies that obstruct and obstruct vision.

There are also Valley, Rome, Castle and eight other maps. The system doesn’t give you an explanation, but once you experience this, you can actively observe to capture the terrain.


It has various game modes such as War Robots, Quick Match, Domination, Beacon Rush, Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Arena and Skirmish. Especially Arena and Skirmish are open only on weekends.
Generally, the game has many modes for players to constantly update their experience. Mods are divided into two categories, custom and default.

For the default mode, players will play against AI. While the map is randomly selected, the default number of players is 6vs6.

Private mode is different. You can choose from a map and set the maximum number of players, while you can team up or compete with your friends. However, they do not offer bonuses or rewards.


MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Rockets: You will have more rockets than usual.

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