Wilderless APK 1.5 Free Download

Wilderless APK

Wilderless APK 1.5 Free Download

Wilderless APK is an open world Indie game. No quests, no enemies and no ads. You just need to go and go, enjoy the moment of truly living with peace of mind, that’s enough. Download the game now!

The game teaches us freedom and how to open the mind.

Wilderless is a game that allows me to re-define a concept that I think I understand very well: Indie game (Indie video games). These are standalone video games developed and produced by individuals or small groups, without major investments in financing or being covered by major media such as large corporations.

And since it’s made by one or a group of developers from start to finish, most Independent games are their enthusiasm and passion. The developer’s worldview, vision, thoughts, concerns, obsessions, and even things that cannot be done in the real world are included here more clearly and privately than ever before.


Most of the time, they don’t care if the game is made to satisfy a certain desire, but if it has a player. Wilderless is one of the following independent games. I want to call it a love game. The game is made by one anonymous person, there is no support team, no company. Pure like the content and nature of the game.

Wilderless is a world for wounded souls

I use the word “content and nature” instead of “story and game” for a reason. In Wilderless, you have nothing including enemies, mission, equipment, puzzles, noise, damage or loss. Only moments of relaxation, true tranquility, can open your mind in the midst of mountains, sunsets, rivers, flowers and anything else.

You’re a girl or any guy, choose your favorite look, your favorite outfit and that’s it. It can move anywhere, in all directions, in the open field of the vast wild world that seems to have no end. It reminds me of a fantasy movie in which the characters lead the perfect life, until one of them suddenly discovers that the horizon is a long, long column of numbers. The world in which they live is only a perfect simulation of the most radical species. I think if I really get into character in this game and decide to go all the way, will this world still be perfect as a dream?
Well, it is clear that I took the story in a different direction from the developer’s intention. This solo play is known to have been created because its owner is always struggling with this intense and busy dream of getting out of life and looking back at nature, not just a walk, but truly living every day. And Wilderless is the place he created to enjoy it.

You can go anywhere, do whatever you want, just be yourself

Once you have entered the free world of Wilderless, you will be able to choose to stand on a stone pavement, in a cabin or a small house in the green steppe. Lie down, relax and watch the sunrise or simply watch the darkness with your eyes to see the last rays of the sunset.

Surrounded by the hum of the streams, the rattle of the wind and the song of the birds, you can meditate and listen to the sound of your soul as much as you want.

In addition, you can scream at the top of the mountain, gently swim in small calm rivers and run quickly through the meadows. Or if you like the cold, you can go north to see the glaciers and slide on the snowy paths.

You could be anyone, anything


You are not just a human anymore. In this game, you can transform into an eagle flying in the warm sky, or you can become a giant whale waving in the water … They will take their place to do whatever people can out of weakness.

You can change the scenery there to new lands, such as choosing the time of day or night, choosing the rain or the sun, choosing the season of the year, choosing your favorite hue, the melody you want to hear … not only passively experience and enjoy the simulated world but also You are the one who created it by touching the phone to control the whole world (in the game).

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