Wizard Legend Fighting Master MOD APK 2.0.0 (Free Shopping)free download

Wizard Legend

Wizard Legend Fighting Master MOD APK 2.0.0 (Free Shopping)free download

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master – Fun shooter game with the weirdest content you ever know

The concept sounds weird, but the character and the monster shape are modern

Our sorcerer is an intellectual-looking young man dressed not in the style of today’s world, but with a beard and mustache. The story begins in the context of a hilarious wizarding world where magic can help consume sweets and our wizards don’t have to worry about weight, but the Sweet Company began swimming in search of ways to turn the hero’s favorite desserts into monsters. These wizards have nothing left to eat. Suppressing his anger, he sought justice and demanded that the other company be held responsible for its mistakes.

Wizard Legend
Wizard Legend

The main character sorcerer will be equipped with a magic book consisting of 8 boxes, which means that in each battle he will select and carry only 8 special abilities from the 50 basic abilities of the five elements of heaven and earth.

These skills do not work individually, but can be combined to create new combinations. So, in addition to knowing every single aspect of magic, you must also master these combos to quickly destroy your sweet beast.

An action game, but the core of the strategy

The fact that you have to think, learn the context, learn the situation and decide to bring 8 items “treasure” and think using constant coordination in battle made Wizard Legends Game: Fighting Master a different action game. It’s not just to fight and then finish, you have to do a thorough research and strategy before that. If you don’t cast the right spells and combine the wrong recipe, your battle will soon end in a terrible victory.

Wizard Legend
Wizard Legend

The magician will take turns finding Antiques as he goes to find the cause of the bitter truth about his favorite desserts. The game is full of mini games and it shows you that everything is interesting and interesting. Some mini games even find him more attractive than the boss of that round, to me. In total, there are more than 100 artifacts in the game, each bringing a new skill or enhancing the existing magic for the young wizard. Some can be transported along the way, while others can be purchased from accumulation points in magic shops that decorate the game scene.

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In some cases, the chance-found game allows our assistant, if necessary, to return to where the scene begins to reselect the magic. If you don’t think you should use this special antique, you can keep it or exchange it for money to buy another item from the magic shop.

There are also antiques that do not add war value but have a lot of money or a lot of money that you can save and use later. If you usually see antiques, collect them all. Try not to miss any item. All of these are beneficial, not harmful.

Wizard Legend
Wizard Legend

I really like the concept of “energy level” in Wizard Legend

Once you have accumulated a lot of loot, defeated many monsters and acquired new abilities, you will be able to choose different “Energy” levels for yourself. And for each subsequent game round, you can choose one of the energy levels suited to the battle. For example, if you think the ring is simple, choose a low energy level. Because when you defeat a monster with less energy, you will get more load. Personally, I think this mechanism helped the Wizard Legend to have a clear strategy. Very few games can think and do.

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