X-plore File Manager MOD APK 4.27.02 (Donate Features) For Android

X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager MOD APK 4.27.02 (Donate Features) For Android

X-plore File Manager MOD APK 4.27.02 (Donate Features) – If you want to explore files on your android phone, show the whole folder as a miniature computer, use X-plore File Manager MOD APK.

X-plore file manager: Explorer on PCs and X-plore on Android phones

X-plore File Manager
X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager helps you quickly access and view all files on your Android phone

Used for a while when PCs, laptops are mixed with many folders, up and down, in and out, many types, files are not easy to see and find. It could be not just computers, phones and tablets, but a maze of icons scattered all over the place. If one day you find yourself, it is difficult to check all the information on your phone no matter how organized you are, then it’s time to use this X-plore File Manager app.

Imagine a two-compartment wardrobe, each with a cape, you can see two compartments at the same time. X-plore has a similar screen. You will see that the two folders are displayed at the same time and quickly, you can easily communicate between these two folders, such as viewing files, file search, copying, renaming …

And of course, the word “index”, which I am talking about here in a very broad sense, includes almost all formats: images, audio, video, text …

When it comes to vertical viewing, X-plore File Manager is a modern directory tree style with open directory hierarchies that combine classic layer concepts and a new style interface to provide a clearer and simpler view for users.

When using a smartphone, one of the main disadvantages is opening too many tabs, viewing too many folders at once, slowing down the phone or even freezing it. However, with X-plore File Manager, viewing, viewing and navigating, even doing some basic movements with these folders on the phone, still does not affect the memory or capacity of the device. This is the sweet spot that I really appreciate in this app.

Not only inside but also outside
Sometimes you need to connect the phone to view the USB stick and hard drive. And an app like X-plore File Manager would be extremely helpful in these situations. The number of files / folders in these external clusters can be more or less. Still, it’s difficult for a regular phone with built-in directory navigation to clearly see everything from the current file to the hidden file. X-plore will give you the freedom to view the contents of your external memory seamlessly as they appear on a computer.

Also, X-plore helps to show external folders shared with your phone over LAN, Wifi.

You can access directory trees in cloud storage in any popular format simply by accessing your cloud accounts. X-plore File Manager accessibility list should say reputable, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Amazon cloud drive, ОБЛАКО.mail.ru, Mega.co, OneDrive, Flickr, Webdav, Yandex .disk, MediaFire, Owncloud. , SugarSync, GMX, Web.de.

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Offers a feature set like a miniature PC
By downloading a small app like X-plore on your device, you will see everything perfectly. And not only images, copies, and transfer, you can do more than you bargained with X-plore. I’ll give you a few to show you how much an app can change my technological life:

  1. X-plore includes a music player that can play any music on the device for relaxation while working.
  2. It has a unique feature: Safe allows users to quickly encrypt hidden files / folders with a password or their own fingerprints.
  3. Through the X-plore app, programmers can explore SQLite databases (with .db extension) on their phones in the form of an expanded list of tables, each containing rows and columns with a corresponding database entry. .
  4. And it not only shows normal folders but also helps to open private files / folders in X-plore, Zip / Rar and 7zip format. It also allows you to compress files of the same formats as above. I think this is a very useful feature when using a smartphone to support work.
  5. Like Explorer on your computer, with X-plore, you can also view your computer’s space structure to detect unnecessary files or take up most of the space.
  6. X-plore also supports Root, FTP, SMB1 / SMB2, Sqlite, Zip, Rar, 7zip, DLNA / UPnP explorer as I mentioned above, it will be very easy to shrink files when needed.
  7. You can use X-plore to create your own favorites folder as well as get quick access to these favorites lists.
  8. With pictures, music and videos, I think X-plore’s support functions are also very rich; For example, the ability to search for image, audio and text files simultaneously, support video playback with subtitles, fast display of images by zooming. in, shrink and move image locations to other folders.
  9. Finally, it is very easy to share information from phones, tablets to other media, tools. Send files via Bluetooth, email or any compatible device.

    X-plore File Manager
    X-plore File Manager

MOD APK version of X-plore File Manager

MOD feature

  • Donate Features

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