YourHour MOD APK 1.9.2 (Premium Unlocked) For Android


YourHour MOD APK 1.9.2 (Premium Unlocked) For Android

YourHour MOD APK 1.9.2 –  is a mobile application that helps you control the time you spend on your smartphone, eliminate addiction to improve your health, relationships and much more. Do you really think things are that serious?

YourHour: Detox over the Phone to Make Your Life Healthier and More Meaningful

Smartphones are two faces of the problem
Let’s be honest, can you live a day without using your smartphone? I saw some people surfing the internet with their phones for hours while lying in their hospital bed. There are also people who have two or three phones, one specialized for personal use, one for work, and one for gaming. Smartphones were born to change the world, the people we live in and the times we live in. The magical possibilities offered by smartphones, from business and leisure to unlimited connectivity, are undeniable. But at the same time, looking the other way, there is a lot of concern about the side effect of the smartphone.


First, your life and time get interrupted. Spending too much time on the phone reduces the time you spend listening to yourself, regardless of its purpose. Surrounding relationships are affected. There has been so much controversy that there have been broken feelings just because one person kept connecting the phone.

Next is the spirit of “trust”. Using smartphones for too many things at the same time will gradually decrease your creativity, memory and brain movement. When you can’t remember a family phone number, you think why your parents can remember twelve or twenty phone numbers at once.

The most important thing is your health. The phone is waving and staring at the screen for hours every day will make you cranky; his health is getting worse. The most obvious are the skin of the face, the mind and the muscles of the hands. Using the phone for long hours every day will make it difficult to sleep, worry easily, get stressed easily, and significantly reduce the body’s resistance.


Therefore, the “overdose” level should be determined and the detoxification of the phone should be done today, before it is too late. Right now, there is a highly effective solution that will help you control your daily phone usage habits. This is to download the YourHour app and use it right away.

Why do I recommend YourHour?
YourHour has many expensive features that help you detoxify your phone effectively. Works right out of the box.


YourHour wallpaper page is actually a fast statistics page with a user-friendly “zen” interface. It includes statistics for the total time used daily, weekly or monthly, and the number of times you have turned on your phone. You can also view these numbers as a comparison chart. Try making a phone call and open the app to use it and you will be amazed by the time you use your smartphone. Do you have more time than you spend with your wife and child? The fact that these “talking” numbers are given causes users to think of themselves and always remember that they “have to reduce it more”.

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Evaluate your addiction level

To quit anything, you also need to know at what level of addiction you are. Using the data within 7 days, your Watch will perform an analysis and determine your level. Based on expert doctors’ advice, the app offers a 6-level scale from low to high as follows: Addiction <Obsessive <Addicted <An indestructible habit <Highly addictive <Addiction champion. Slowly reducing the amount of time, reaching lower levels gives you a lot of motivation.

YourHour also has a “time alert” feature

The sole purpose is to view statistics in real time. But the truth is that this statistic appears in all apps available on the phone. This means that wherever you do it, you will see these deterrent numbers. To “warn” even more, the colors of the numbers will automatically change according to their current level: green medium, yellow close to the threshold, and red too much. You have to stop now.


YourHour also includes a more detailed analysis: what, when, how much

Because you use your phone not only to listen, call, send messages, but also to use dozens, hundreds of different applications at the same time. That’s why YourHour has provided a function to help “pinpoint” in detail the time spent for each type of large and small app on the device. View and customize for your own purposes. For example, you spend 30 minutes a day working alone with easis via text message or email. Even if you want, you can extract the displayed results, statistics and graphics from the app as a PDF or Excel file for printing (but this is a paid feature).

MOD APK version of YourHour

MOD feature
Premium Unlocked

Download : YourHour

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