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Zombite – Fight Zombies Apk + Mod Diamond

Zombite – Fight Zombies Apk – Are you ready to fight zombies with epic weapons and become the hero?
Start your zombie adventure and defeat the bosses in this top-down action adventure shooter game.
Many weapons to unlock and upgrade and waves of zombies to defeat!
Level up your hero to unlock secret skills, defeat all bosses and collect chests to advance to the next level

Zombite – Fight Zombie

Zombite – Fight Zombie

Enter a world where you are the chosen hero!
You are the hero, and with your weapons and epic abilities your goal is to defeat the waves of zombies that are coming for you, only you can stop this zombie apocalypse.
Advance through the levels defeating bosses and collecting chests, gain experience to unlock incredible abilities and level up your weapons. There are many abilities to unlock such as ricochet, double bullets, or faster shots.

Fight incredibly strong bosses and prove that you are the chosen hero
The combination of zombies and hit and run survival game is what Zombite brings to the table.

Key features:

Collect chests thrown by enemies to advance.
– Epic boss fights
– Use an incredible variety of weapons designed to fight zombies
– Unlock skills to help you on your zombie adventure
– Multiple worlds, each with its own original zombies.
– Hundreds of never-before-seen enemies to smash
– Easily reload your ammo
– Progress every time you play this addictive game.
– Shoot and charge while standing still
– Random selection of power-ups, abilities and weapons.

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Every time you enter the zombie world, your progress is saved and you are always playing to unlock a new feature. If you can’t survive you’ll have to reboot, but all the progress and XP you’ve earned will stay with you and you can continue to progress.

You must defeat your enemies and collect the chests that they leave behind to progress in your mission and advance to the next stage. There are epic boss fights waiting for you on all worlds. Can you defeat them and save the world?
Zombite puts a new twist on the top-down shooter genre by improving the controls and making sure that each time you play you progress through the game.

Zombite – Fight Zombie

Zombite – Fight Zombie

Get ready to start this adventure and fight against zombies in different worlds and levels.
You will have to guide your hero through multiple worlds and reach the final room and defeat the ultimate boss. Each race begins with the selection of a random skill and weapon. Throughout the adventure you will unlock special abilities and new weapons to fight the zombies. Each time you play, your skill set may be different as the weapon and power-ups are random. You can customize your hero skills to reflect your favorite combination. Do you like multiple takes? bounce? Start your adventure and fight against the zombie apocalypse!

* Various bug fixes
* Update to the game icon
* Gem rewards for IAPs pinned

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