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ZOOM APK For Android

ZOOM APK For Android –  the best free online learning and meeting app for Android. During the COVID-19 pandemic with no signs of stopping, you should use this app to work, meet and communicate at work to protect the community from the spread of the virus.

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ZOOM’s growth in 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has halted many industries, but it seems to create opportunities for ZOOM to rise alongside giants like Facebook, Twitter or Google and become one of the most popular apps in the world. In fact, few know that this app has been developed since 2011 by Eric Yuan, a former Cisco engineer and CEO. Official application was launched in 2013.


The year 2020 is a milestone for the development of ZOOM. So far, it has reached 500 million users according to the statistics of Google Play, which is statistics dedicated to the Android operating system. It is enough for you to understand how popular this application is.

The best free online meeting app for Android
Why are you saying that ZOOM is the best online meeting app for Android? The following three criteria can be mentioned. First, the application is completely free. Of course there is also a premium version. However, if you only need basic communication, the free version is enough for you to use. ZOOM offers users up to 45 minutes of standard lecture hours for each call. As a result, students and teachers can study online completely free of charge. If the time has expired, the room owner and attendees only need to re-create the room to log out and continue using it.

Second, ZOOM uses cloud technology to connect people. Even if the internet is only average quality, the app’s image and sound are constantly being loaded. Of course, you cannot request a video in Full HD quality.


Finally, ZOOM is very easy to use. Anyone can easily use this application.

User-friendly interface, easy to use with anyone
ZOOM was developed to make it easier for people to communicate and organize meetings online. That’s why it has a very simple and easy to use interface. Even an elementary school student can easily use the app to study online.

Security is improving day by day
The fact that ZOOM has a large number of users has become a double-edged sword. The application initially provides an open communication environment where people can connect with each other in the fastest and most convenient way possible. But when it became popular people used it for important meetings, users faced a lot of security issues due to lazy security system. With only the meeting ID and password, some strangers can join and interrupt the meeting. This situation became even more “hot” as the intruders took a break from classes.

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Realizing this, ZOOM has improved the way indoor meeting room participants are managed. The room owner has additional permission to approve attendees. If someone wants to attend the meeting, they need to get approval from the room owner.

Some key points of ZOOM

  • Listen, call, create completely free meeting rooms
  • Join unlimited time meeting rooms (paid users only)
  • Safe mode while driving
  • Works at all Internet speeds (WIFI, 3G, 4G, 5G, …)
  • Authorization feature that allows other people to attend meetings on your behalf
  • Scope, tag, gif, …


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